OMG DONE! Finally! Done! Well, there is a little laundry that is in the dryer, but other than that, DONE.

My body crapped out yesterday, so Jeff took over all the domestic workload. He has done a fantastic job! The upstairs, downstairs and basement are spotless. The front yard looks glorious, and he added the solar lights to the walkway as an added perk. The food has been purchased, the homemade marinara is ready to go, and the fresh Italian sausage awaits its turn in the skillet. Everything sparkles (with the exception of the ceiling fixtures - at this point, to hell with them!)

The dogs know something is in the wind, since they have been brushed almost daily for a week. I'm sure they will be excited to see their Grandpa Doug again. The cat could care less, as all cats do, and has simply figured that we (her humble staff) have washed her bed to further our worship of her magnificence. Having said that, God help any animal that so much as sheds a single strand of fur on my carpets!

The final minutes are counting down before we have to get ourselves ready for the airport. Damn, and I just remember that I have not cleaned the car yet!

I'll post here as I find free time over the next week. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Autrice. Just dropping in to say hello. I've been following your blog ever since you commented about Tim Horton Coffee and I've been enjoying it.

Sweet kitty. We have three. He has quite a cat toy in that basketball. LOL