This has been a whirlwind week! I'm actually writing this on Sunday the 2nd of July, but since I wanted to keep it as a scrapbook for the parents, I'll do separate entries. I might just add one entry of nothing but pictures.

Allright... the 29th and 30th was spent cleaning, hanging the outdoor lights (thank you Dad and Jeff!) and doing the little things needed for the Saturday party. We picked up extra chairs for the deck, an extra card table set, surplus food that we couldn't get at the Strip (*gasp* the Strip doesn't have everything known to mankind???), and put the finishing touches on everything. We prepped, swept, tackled the unkept, and generally did what we always do before company arrives.

We did have a few sit down and goof off moments - the small dog in my Dad's lap is Poco the Chihuahua. He's an old little dog, with an enlarged heart and more medication than my disabled husband! But, he has tons of spirit and has been making himself right at home. Plus, he waited until after the party... and then he pooped on my stairs. Too funny, as my carpet steamer doesn't have an attachment for steps. I don't mind dog mess, and since my dogs didn't make the mess, I can't complain. Guest dogs (he's my 'little brother') are just fine, and when they make a mess, it's just a mess. When your own dogs do it, it's embarrassing! My Mum felt bad, so here it is in print: Shit happens, you know? It's not the end of the world if it happens to come out of a beloved pet. (Besides, look how proud he is in that picture... as if he is thinking "HeeHee!")

Besides, it matches the coffee stains I left there accidentally last week.

And, at least we can say that our dogs have never behaved like angels with they visited their Nonna - Chihuahua poop is nothing when compared to the elephant-sized dookie left by Greyhounds!

Where was I?

My parents and husband (and I) busted our butts getting ready for the party, and my Dad changed out some electrical outlets and switches that were not working right. He determined that we don't have grounded wires (eep!), so eventually we will have to hire an electrician to come in and do that work.

The work is done, this is a short entry, and I'll move on to the weekend stuff.

(PS: that's Mum loving on her Granddog, Zephyr.)

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Annie Jeffries said...

I am howling Autrice. This is so hysterically funny. I love your attitude. ROTFLMAO